What women are saying...

"MAHKA Jewelry is thoughtfully made, truly unique, and beautifully crafted to perfection.  I have never been obsessed over a jewelry brand until I found MAHKA. I like Native American inspired designs in general, but MAHKA adds a feminine touch which makes the brand so special.   I often coordinate my outfit around MAHKA Jewelry since they are such statement pieces. "

-Nanae, San Diego, CA.


"About one or two times a year, I treat myself to some adornment from MAHKA.  It’s usually at a time in my life when I have learned something important, and her pieces commemorate that learning/transformation that I’ve been through. I love Rachel’s work because it is crafted beautifully and just very well made... but I also love it because, for me, the pieces are magical medicine (as reminders of important teachings/wisdom) on my journey.  I swear, the stones hold magic.  Thank you for creating such beauty, Rachel."

-Sierra, Berwyn, IL.


"I absolutely love my one of a kind MAHKA ring made with Kingman mine Turquoise and Labradorite. I consider it one of my signature pieces and get compliments almost every day! Rachel takes great pride in making unique pieces - every aspects of their creation from design, stone choice/acquisition, to craftsmanship is exceptional. Wish I could wear them all!"

-Brett, San Diego, CA.


"I adore MAHKA Jewelry, it was love at first sight. Each piece is well made and magical. I have been a customer for quite some time and will be a lifelong one."

-Dr. Gabrielle, New York, NY.


"I was immediately attracted to Rachel’s jewelry designs because of the combination  of beautifully colored stones and silver work. I think women love her work because it gives us an opportunity to adorn ourselves and cultivate our own goddess like qualities. Some of the pieces I own are perfect for everyday wear, they mold to my body and become a part of me. Other pieces I cherish for special  occasions, ceremonial work, healing ceremonies... MAHKA Jewelry reflects our own sacred inner and outer world and is a lovely reminder of where we come from and what is important to us. I am so grateful for the variety of jewelry that Rachel has designed. "

-Keara, Encinitas, CA.


"I discovered MAHKA Jewelry while on vacation in SoCal. These gorgeous creations have become my absolute favorite pieces to wear. I get regular comments on how unique and beautiful they are. My only problem is having a budget! I wish I could buy all of her stunning pieces. Please,  don't ever stop creating."

-Jenn, Denver, CO.


"I absolutely adore the two rings I have from [MAHKA]. One is silver with abalone, and the other is from the El Cosmico collection (turquoise and Australian opal). The rings are usually the last things I adorn myself with before leaving the house and when worn together, I feel so beautiful and energized. I look down and admire them often. I feel so grateful to be an owner of these pieces and they make me look forward to continuing with my own jewelry making journey. Whenever I wear them, I show my friends and say 'this is my inspiration'..."

-Erin, San Diego, CA.

"I purchased my zocalo fringe earrings sometimes last year and I’ve adored them ever since. Every time I put on these adornments I feel like I am stepping into my power as a female. I love adorning my body with these hand crafted jewels and I feel so grateful that I get to decorate my vessel however I please. Jewelry can serve as a powerful tool of a token of remembrance of the goddesses that all women are. These jewels do just that."

-Maddie, Saint Augustine, FL.