Double Headed Snake Cuff ◇ Labradorite

Mahka Jewelry

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Solid sterling silver cuff bracelet featuring a stunning, luminescent Labradorite stone surrounded with a hand-stamped double headed snake and handcrafted silver detail.


.925 sterling silver

Fits a S/M

Cuff measures 5.25 in on the inside with a 1.25 in. opening on the back

Slightly adjustable

Stone measures approx. .75" long

One of a kind

**To wear: Place cuff with the opening at the side of your wrist and roll over to the top. Avoid pulling the sides apart to widen as this will warp and misshape the bracelet. 

Looks lovely worn alone or stacked with other bracelets and cuffs.

Labradorite is thought to assist in bringing one’s instinctive magic abilities to the surface— this can mean increased intuition, communication with the Divine, and synchronicity. Truly a stone of magic.

The Snake represents creative life force energy. They are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.